American Horror Story -1×1- Pilot

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10 Responses to “American Horror Story -1×1- Pilot”

  • CHArisse says:

    Thanks for posting this! Very odd but so original,Its like road kill…you have to look at it!Please post the rest when the series starts.Love this site,thanks for all the great programs,xxCM

  • jonadmarte says:

    great thanks for this i already watch it on vidxden and now i will download it from megaupload. for the collection jaja thanks again!!

  • Ashley says:

    Thanks for posting this show..i gotta say i said wtf a few times throughout the show but its great def gonna check every week for this one

  • cally says:

    thanks for the post was really lookin forward to this…. unfortunetly its a bit too twin peakys for me

  • patrick says:

    Looks interesting. Hope you u/l the follows…thanks

  • Albertagirl says:

    I thought this was an amazingly creative, new idea for a series!! I CANT WAIT to see more! It will be the first one on my list. Hope we get every episode here! Thanks

  • annabelle lee says:

    OMG! This was sick and twisted. Started so slow and typical, and then just went into the realm of freakish. Loved it!

  • Lulu says:

    Wow… that was a ride and a half. Seems there is no holds barred on TV anymore. Mind you, certainly enjoyed all the different characters. Fun.

  • Daniel says:

    a little creepy but cool first ep.

  • olayinka(UK) says:

    thank you
    very odd and really creepy but just have to watch

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