Love & Hip Hop -2×11- Reality Check

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14 Responses to “Love & Hip Hop -2×11- Reality Check”

  • F Sopa says:

    You guys are so F-in late on this one. How about you take your urban supporters into consideration more. And don’t use the excuse that u always use, “we had to find the posted video first” bc this has been up online for almost a week and a half

    • admin says:

      :/ Sure, it has been online for a week.

    • AKA says:

      Just an FYI for your ignorant azz @F_Sopa. In the event that you would like to know if Admin can find any links for a show you would like to see, the simple remedy is to use the ‘Contact Us’ option at the top of the page and request it. Admin will then post any available links as soon as possible. No need for the foolishness. Urban my azz. You are a damn clown.
      Admin works hard to satisfy all users whenever possible. Admin has never failed me yet so ease off.

  • Parajanta says:

    @ F Sopa! Hey, you don’t have to be so rude in expressing your opinion. The admin does not owe you sh*t and you should be grateful that anyone is taking time off their day to post videos online for free!! Geez, i can’t stand ungrateful people!!

    @ Admin, thanks for posting!!! I really appreciate the effort!! Cheers!!

  • aussiekat says:

    F Sopa needs to take a SEAT. Why bother leaving a comment like that.. if its been online for “a week and a half” watch it where you see it first.. no need to even click on this link.

  • fi says:

    Thanks Admin – I personally appreciate your efforts we dont get this in Europe so Id no get to see this if it wasnt for your site. Thanks so much.

  • v says:

    thank you admin

  • AKA says:

    Thanks a bunch Admin. You always come through!!

    @F SOPA STFU with your ignorant behind.

  • lulu says:

    thank you Admin for your effort!

  • olayinka(UK) says:

    thank you

  • Jen says:

    “urban supporters”?? you must be a troll, F Sopa, take several seats please. And thank you, Admin :D real fans know it’s been up for a while on vh1.

  • john m says:

    F Sopa, wow ur last name means soup in spanish hahahah

  • tulipcamp says:

    admin the ending to this was cut off glumbouploads. are all of them the same way?would love to see the ending.

  • admin says:

    Sorry they are all the same. Video duration is 41:21 in all.

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