Game of Thrones -2×7- A Man Without Honor

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  • studiotodd says:

    Will any Glumbo downloads be available?

    • admin says:

      We will attempt to add one in about 20 minutes. If there are no issues with their website then you’ll see the link then.

  • MS. J says:

    What the what?! Thanks for the SPEEDY upload!!

  • chillmike says:

    why aren’t u including the glumbo links??? those are the best ones as well as the easiest, and you arent including them… i dont know what ur talking about either, the site is working fine, i just downloaded 2 different vids from it, so can u please start adding the glumboupload links to all the new vids…. pWEASE!?!???!!??? :’(

    • admin says:

      Their uploads fail constantly. Nothing we can do about it. The fact that you can download doesn’t mean that their uploading is working fine. Those are two different things. You can read their forums to see how often users have issues uploading:

      • studiotodd says:

        Is there another site to which you can upload flv files then?

        When you used to regularly make avi files available, there was no problem. But now that the only files that are offered for download are mp4 or mv files, I can’t watch them on my system.

        My biggest wish would be the return of avi files, but, barring that, if there were at least one file for download that I could use, I’d be happy.

        (Please don’t mistake this for criticism…I am very grateful for what you DO offer…)

        • admin says:

          You may suggest one because we don’t have alternatives for adding flvs atm.

          • studiotodd says:

            Well, since you have around 5 mp4 downloads available for each episode, why not just upload an flv file to one of those sites instead of an mp4?

          • admin says:

            I don’t believe such file would be downloaded much. Generally users like to download to obtain higher quality not flv quality.

          • studiotodd says:

            But you would still have 4 other options available for those who prefer the mp4 files!

          • admin says:

            We’ll look into this issue with glumbouploads and see if it can be improved in any way from our end.

  • daniel says:

    Which link is the highest quality for streaming?

  • nis says:

    Check in the 54 Links Found.
    You can download there a flv file.

  • Cal says:

    You guys rock. I don’t have HBO and I can’t get it, but you guys make it all possible.
    Thank you!

  • Ben says:

    Any way we could get new links for either vidxden vidbux or putlocker/sockshare? I only need them for episodes 7 through 10 and would appreciate it. You guys are awesome either way but it would be amazing if possible.

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