Liz And Dick 2012

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  • edna says:

    I was hoping you’d have this, especially after all the really bad reviews I’ve read. I’m hoping to laugh really hard! Thanks.

  • Caligula says:

    From the 5 minutes that I fried my brain and eyeballs along with losing a few million brain cells…the costuming looks like a high school play (especially the “Cleopatra” wanna be supposed costumes), the acting from LL is just appalling and is a COMPLETE INSULT to the Dame Elizabeth Taylor. I think that a legend like Dame Elizabeth deserves much MUCH better to remember her by. How anyone could do this is beyond me. Complete insult to a legend of Hollywood and beyond.

  • patrick murphy says:

    Shxt! I’d forgotten just how trite and boring they were – and now with these two nincompoops! Dreadful and unwatchable…

  • Mel says:

    The actor playing Burton did a remarkable good job considering his co-star. The other actors in the movie did fairly well too. But Lindsay could not carry it off, and it pulled the whole rest of the movie down. And the more you watched, the worse it got. smh

  • yr-no.1-fan says:

    I lasted 6 minutes. Everyone was decent aside from the main character. What were they thinking !?????!

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