The Biggest Loser s14e01

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3 Responses to “The Biggest Loser s14e01”

  • tallpoppy says:

    Thank you heaps, Admin!@! Hope your 2013 is starting off brilliantly!!!! :)

  • Grace says:

    Thank you! Uploaded so quickly aswell! :)

  • karen says:

    Hi Admin! Thanks for posting this…..Just wanted to make you aware that you have tagged this as being the Biggest Loser “AU”, instead of tagging it as being a part of the US series. Anytime anyone does a search for this episode, it doesn’t look like it will show up if they are searching for it under the tag of Biggest Loser US. Thought you’d want to know, so that you can re-tag it and/or re-categorize it properly. Thanks!

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