House Of Cards 2013 S01E07

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  • Addison says:

    “House of Cards” (and “Downton Abbey”) banners here…

  • JOHN THOMAS says:

    this is some serious shit.

    this stuff is politically deep, that i would tape it if were you, and then watch it twenty years later.
    it is the kind of an insider drama that only comes along once in………

    this is epic political insider caca. shiese.

    and i get it all.

    if you don’t, then tape it, and watch it according to the will to power.

    • JOHN THOMAS says:

      Machiavelli would have loved this series, and u.s. politics–a trillion dollars to be stolen every year.
      there is a phrase, “all politics are local”, and that means all, but the president, are elected from localities, and all national leaders must siphon as much national monies back into their voting blocks–keep your district money men’s pockets full, and you’ll get re-elected. because political office equals power. and power is addictive. people will sell their family’s souls to prolong their tenuous grasp on it.
      a velvet glove always slips easier into the pocket of the mark. because the whole thing is a con game covering a robbery. politicians share a lot of techniques with magicians. when either waves their left hand in your face, that means they are doing something with their right they don’t want you to see. when you watch a poly statement on telly, try to think two layers deeper.
      both artists will carry the secrets of their art into the next world–if there is one, because selling you the next world is also politics, and magic, of another stamp. and all politics is about power.

      foreign powers also slip their hands into the u.s. tax pocket. israel spends millions on lobbyists, but not for nothing, they get billions and billions for it. and apache helicopters for it. and they ain’t nothin. they can scope and fire a missile through a target’s bathroom window from three miles away. that’s a big buck investment–reserved only for our friends. but they’re not really our friends. they just know how to spread butter on beltway bread. but then why shouldn’t they. we put up with it. and someone is going to favored–why not me?

      one of these days we’ll get the money out of politics, but that’s like saying we’ll take the salt out of soup. one’s no good without the other. and you only end up putting in too much pepper.

  • Roberta says:

    I am totally hooked. This is excellent drama. And of course I’m missing Borgen and this fills the bill nicely. Kevin Spacey is a great actor and pulls this off so well. This deserves more credit than it seems to be getting. Oh well, Homeland slept for awhile too.

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