Spartacus S03E08

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  • JAY says:

    Hi Admin,

    Can you tell me if there are more than 8 episodes for Spartacus?

  • hadi says:

    sure,there are more than 8 episodes for this season and
    you can tell just by watching this serial, easy to find out!!!

    • JAY says:

      I have watched every episode, I meant can Admin get anymore episodes than what is available on here!!!!!!!

  • MIhar says:

    Why hasn’t episode 9 been available yet?

    • gIMP says:

      Remember a few weeks ago they did the same thing? They decided to show a different show instead in the slot that spartacus has, and theyve done it again. So we have to wait another week… Pretty annoying. Especially with that last episode, I need to see spartacus’ reaction.

  • Thomas says:

    episode 9 hasn’t been released yet. It is set to air 5. april 2013, a week later then usual (probably beacause of easter vacation)

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