2 Broke Girls S02E24

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  • JOHN THOMAS says:

    so much shit from such a little hole,
    but that’s hollywood.

    the only problem is:
    the rest of the world thinks americans live like this.
    to us it is a joke.
    to them it is a reality, and not a flattering one.
    and all the wrong people make meat of a sandwich with no filling.

    i just wish we exported a better product.
    but there is no hope as long as jews, who have no allegiance to the u.s., run hollywood.
    because they do not care how we look to the rest of the planet, they don’t consider themselves part of the target group. all they are taught to do is make money off our backs.
    nothing new.

    love it or leave it.

    the truth is hard to hear, there are still wunderkinds who love the other reich.
    propaganda is resonant.

  • DAni says:

    Not to defend shitty tv-shows, but the way you talk really makes one (european) think you’re antimsemitic and probably pretty ignorant. Blame Hollywood, but you never blame an ethnic group. This way of thinking of jews as a group of capitalists without a conscience and without loyalty is exactly the way german and austrian people talked before world war2. Look at what people WITH allegiance to the u.s. (whatever that is in your opinion) are doing to the country, the people and the image the rest of the world has of them – bad movies are the least worrisome and really – searching for a s├╝ndenbock like you do is pretty sympomatic for whats going wrong. And just so you know: it is “WunderkindER” (pl. of Wunderkind) and the other “ReichEN” (pl, 4th case, of der/die Reiche) – now you can use your german/jiddisch phrases at least right – in the way propaganda intended.

  • bubu says:

    The law of demand states that the more something costs, the less people will buy all other things being equal. Of course, all other things are never equal.
    The five determinants of demand are price, income, prices of related goods, tastes, and expectations (whether the price will go up); each determinant affects demand.
    But aggregate damand, (the number of buyers in the market is a sixth determinant) businesses seek to increase demand for their goods and services so they can raise prices and boost profits.
    Governments and central banks try to implement policies that increase demand to get the economy out of the contraction phase of the business cycle, and slow down demand during the expansion phase.

    In this case CBS’ 2 broke girls, that is not the highest rated tv show, in fact it was like #14 with almost half the viewers of the #1 show CBS’ the Big Bang Theory.
    With a few hundred tv channels, including movies, sports and music, it is mostly about entertainment; not some ‘jewish conspiracy running hollywood’ like your rant demonstrates.
    “How the US looks to the rest of the world” where you attempt to conflate this somewhat popular tv show with your revulsion agenda for jews to prove they are the cause for ‘US being considered a joke.’
    “they” (those hollywood jews) “do not care how we look to the rest of the planet,” and the stereotype “all they are taught to do is make money off our backs.” Most of the money people in the US make goes to housing, food and transportation, not to hollywood jews.
    A good portion goes to US taxes and corporations that provide consumer goods, very little to those hollywood jews!

    How the world sees the US is as a bully that spends half it’s GDP maintaining its military so it can keep invading other much smaller countries like it has done for the last 60 years; and as the world’s largest debtor nation (that largely due to it’s ever increasing demand for the diminishing resource crude oil).

  • DAni says:

    You go, Bubu!

  • DAni says:

    and (@john thomas) btw – one of the first and most consequent critics of mass production and -consumerism of artistic and cultural products in the u.s. was – (guess what) jewish: Theodor Wiesengrund Adorno

  • krizz says:

    Its just a tv show guys……..Thanks for the post admin.

  • Gallo says:

    John Thomas you are one very sick puppy. Sad to see people like you still exist in this world.

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