UPDATE // Missing Hosts

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Hi all,

As you know we include many different hosts in our listings. Naturally issues with 1 or more hosts are to be expected at any given time. Sometimes we must wait a few days in order to know whether the issue is just temporary or if it needs a fix. Currently we have issues with the following hosts listed below and we’ll have them restored to our listings in the next few days.

- billionuploads.com
- turbobit.net
- sharesix.com
- dwn.so
- limevideo.net
- movzap.com
- fastream.in

We expect your comprehension on this regard. Other hosts that we have noticed and which we may use in the future are:

http://megavideoz.eu/, http://slickvid.com/, http://tusfiles.net/, http://www.promptfile.com/, http://thefile.me/, http://vidplay.net/, http://videofox.net/, http://www.yourupload.com/, http://www.dropvideo.com/, http://sharevid.co/, http://zuzvideo.com/, https://fileparadox.in/, http://megavideoz.eu/, http://ishared.eu/, http://uploadnetwork.eu/, http://videoslim.net/

15 Responses to “UPDATE // Missing Hosts”

  • EDna says:

    Thanks for the info. Thankfully, I don’t use any of those listed. I gave up on dwn.so a long time ago.

  • Tyler Durden says:

    You should start using Sharerepo, FileNuke, and ShareSix. They work very well too and there are always available links even after Putlocker / Sockshare have had theirs deleted from servers.

  • James says:

    Did you recently say we’d be able to save a link as a preference from your site?

  • Larzz says:

    Thank you! I visit this site and facebook more than any other daily. Ok, through reddit in there too.

  • Lassie says:

    Admin: Thank you so much for all the awesome links you give us. It’s a million percent appreciated!
    :-) :-) :-)

  • Wendy says:

    Thanks for the fantastic site, and all your work! I use your site daily.

  • Rhea Cary says:

    You have the best site on the Internet. I visit your site daily and I greatly appreciate all the hard work you do. Thank You.

  • Daniel says:

    You can also add http://filenuke.com it’s a good host!

  • Gillilicious says:

    Love this site, I used to use gorillavid and daclips, you should consider adding them to the site.


  • optimystk says:

    to whom it may concern…….there are multiple
    malicious scripts running on this site

    make sure you have the latest updates to your antivirus
    and malware software!

    just an fyi to users

  • tom says:

    Thank you so much for considering sharevid.co. They are my favorite now because the download speeds are so fast, you can add files to your account button, and you can download the original if you wish. Thanks Admin!

  • EDna says:

    BEWARE PUTLOCKER! I was so desperate to get the 4th episode of Hidden – not working on the links – but Putlocker had it for download.

    2 hours later, several scans, system restore on and on, all the malware it installed is hopefully gone. Putlocker downloader – stay away. It as well as Sockshare flash several screens when first clicking on it. I will never ever go back to either.

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